What is 'news driver'?

I can't be sure without any context, but offhand I would say it's simply something that drives the news. In other words, whatever generates a story that the media can report on, presumably for a while.

Either that or someone who drives a news van, I guess.
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Hi YoungCal,

The definition 1 you wrote is the one that I'm questioning. I was watching TV and it appeared on the screen.

Is 'news driver' a commonly known term? Can I say 'news starter or creator' instead?

When I saw 'news driver', it reminded me of 'taxi driver'. Are these two drivers mean the same or different?

Thanks for the reply.
I wouldn't say that "news driver" is often heard, but I think that most native speakers of English would understand its meaning upon hearing it in the proper context. "News starter" or "new creator" are perfectly fine, but they do sound a bit odd. They wouldn't have the same meaning as "news driver" however, as that term implies that the subject is continually providing news sources with material over an extended period of time. In other words, I think something like the Michael Jackson trial, which managed to sustain media coverage for many months, would be considered a "news driver".

I don't really think that "news driver" refers to someone who drives a news van. I was simply putting that out there as another possibilty in case the context in which you originally heard "news driver" seemed to conflict with my first assumption. Regardless, a "taxi driver" is a person who trives a taxicab (a car which transports people for a fare), and is in no way related to reporting the news.
a news driver is not something that creates news - its the quality of the piece of news that makes people interested in it. a news driver is the reason someone would be interested in the news. some news drivers are prominence, magnitude, importance, human interest, conflict, change, progress, etc.
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