Is it OK to say "It's a big news"? Or, is news always uncountable?

Hi, Prasanna,

Yes, news is uncountable and cannot be used with an article.

But you can say something like It's a big news story.
No indefinite article.

"It is big news."
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Hi Prasanna
we dont use 'a' or 'an' with uncountable nouns .But it is possible to make some of these nouns countable with the help of these words for ex: a glass of water,a piece of advice(furniture),a bowl of rice,a can of oil,a bottle of milk,a piece of music etc
Nara A-va a glass of water, a piece of advice(furniture), a bowl of rice, a can of oil, a bottle of milk, etc
It's the underlined words that are used countably, not those I have coloured red.
Nara A-vawe dont use 'a' or 'an' with uncountable nouns
In English, there are always exceptions: He has a good knowledge of history. Even a plural noun may occasionally take an indefinite article: He spent a happy five days in Las Palmas.

Last night Sebastian Coe used "a" with "games" in his speech at the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games.

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sorry i know all of this i only try to give answer the question which mentioned above not find answer Emotion: smile)