Is this News Report Ok? Can someone check it out for me? Thanks!!!
Atlanta, GA – Dozens of people are feared dead and hundreds severely injured after a bomb exploded yesterday in the morning rush-hour at the Grand Central Train Station in downtown.
The bomb went off without warning at about 7.30 a.m accounts reported. The station was crowded with commuters who were waiting to board their trains. At the moment, it is still unknown the number of fatal victims.
The explosion was caused by a considerable amount of plastic explosive attached to a timing device and concealed in a suitcase. According to a police officer investigating the incident, the suitcase was left near the railways. ‘We checked all security videos and this is what we found out. Unfortunately we couldn’t arrest the person responsible for the incident yet,’ he added.
Emergency services arrived at the station within minutes to deal with the widespread panic and devastation. Their first priority was to transfer the injured to nearby hospitals. Doctors were also called to deal with the people who were suffering from shock. ‘I didn’t know where to begin, everywhere I looked, I saw people screaming and running away,’ a doctor said.
‘The emergency services and fire brigade worked very hard to save as many lives as possible. They were very calm and well-organized.’ The Secretary of Transport said. He also added that he was proud of them.
The station will remain closed until further notice. All trains in and out of Atlanta had been cancelled. Meanwhile, police will continue investigating the reasons for such atrocity and who is to blame for it.
Before asking somebody to read all that and probably find nothing wrong with it, why don't you tell us why you think it might be wrong in some way?

Hi Rover! Yes I know I'm sorry to bother you with this.. I just wanted to know if the news report was well-developed and if it had any grammar mistakes.. I read it many times and I think I couldn't find anything wrong, but probably somebody else does.