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Hi albanian hero scanderbeg ... Emotion: smile .
hi muslimah are you ok?
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iam ok dear ..

just i tell u welcomeEmotion: smile .
An avenue for people to learn English for sure, agreed !!!
became great..and can be more if all of us love it to be..also i am happy to see my sister muslimah active in every where in this foroum...i wish to see more sisters and brothers from arab world here ...i am still inviting more arabs to this foroum and i wish if others did same ...
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any forum that allows people of ALL religions and ALL walks of
life to listen, speak and learn is a wonderful thing. With all
the bigotry in the world today, it is a refreshing forum. learning
leads to understanding and understanding leads to ... many
wonderful things ...


"... to thine own self be true..."
Thanks Geri, we keep our finger on the delete button for those 'bigots'! So far we’ve been very fortunate; we’ve got some really great people here!
I came across this thread by accident.
Nobody has added to it for a very long time, so I thought this would be a good time for an update.

The original spirit of the Forum is still alive and well!
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I read it too recently, the day I saw Ursula online.

Yes, the atmosphere created by the pioneers pervades the site, and the quickness of wit of the teachers!
Nice Forum.
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