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lolol, did I say by accident Emotion: smile ?
Ursula was online last night Emotion: smile
Yeah I saw Ursula on line last night. It was quite funny seeing post number 21, 22 and 25 all together where as now we are around post number 67000 or so.
I like flicking through the older posts too remembering the 'days of old'.
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i think this will help us a lot we can meet lot frnds and will help us to know a lot new things which we should know and also which we dont know till now
i wish all will share thier thouhts with all our frnds who became a member here
lot of lucks to allllllll
by the way wood! I like that sentence which let a person remembering the "days of old" . do you know why?! coz I always try to looking for my old friends, just to sit and remember our past, I enjoy that, it doesn't mean that I don't like my present!! but that is my nature what ever my past sad or sweet, I like to remember it, I think not just me, most people have that manner, because I believe that. Emotion: smile
In celebration of passing 1 million posts (I'm a bit late), I felt it would be nice to resurrect the oldest thread in the forums! Emotion: smile Post ID = 21

It was posted by my mum!! So typical of a start up in the early days Emotion: smile
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ursulaThis looks pretty good - could develop into something useful.

your mum can read the future! It's now one of the biggest forums existing, and one of the greatest in any case.

That must be excluding the first 20 test test test posts. Emotion: smile
I even appear there from 5 yr 108 days ago.
test Emotion: smile

I actually saw your first comment on an intro wall --- before they existed:
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Alex-93It's now one of the biggest forums existing, and one of the greatest in any case.
All thanks to you guys! Emotion: bow