Hello all!

Some day in my work an friend said to me "Nice wear for you" or "Have a nice wear" before her go out (I don't remember exactly) , but I don't understand what her wanted to say. I google the expression "Have a nice wear" and found a lot of web sites, so I wish comprehending, i'ts like "Have a good job" or "Nice work" ?

Tanks you guys

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I certainly have never heard this comment, and it means nothing to me. Perhaps you misheard; but I cannot think of a similar remark. Have a nice-- is almost always followed by --day.
Was she saying have a nice week?

Nice wear makes no sense at all.
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I hear people today saying 'Have a nice one' as a very informal way of saying good-bye. It's usually equivalent to 'Have a nice day' or 'Have a nice trip', that kind of thing. An alternate form is 'Have a good one'.

Best wishes, Clive