Some say Nike (as in rhymes with Mike, bike, hike) and some say Nike (pronounced Nikeee - I would say the 'American' pronunciation)

I think I'm one of the minority that pronounce it the first way - is there anyone that says it like me?
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Isn't it pronounced nikeeee in all of its TV ads, Chris? Honestly, I've never heard it pronounced the other way - gee, I even thought there were no other ways to pronounce itEmotion: smile
I told you I'm one of very few that pronounce it differently!

I've always known it as Nike - rhymes with Mike. Perhaps that's just my accent.
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In Brazil everybody, including the advertisers, pronounces Nike rhyming with Mike.
Chris, it seems that the Brazilians have already started to pick up your 'accent'Emotion: smile ....and my ignorance has started to show Emotion: tongue tied
Wait a sec - ignorance (no, no, no!)

I promise you, you're the majority (go to America etc) I know few people that pronounce it the way I do!
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Mike - back on the 'Ad ee das' or 'Ad i das' subject!

I'm inclined to saying "Ad i das" what about you?

Again I think I'm the minority here!
Chris - Must be a Brit thing, I say: Nike (Mike) and "Ad-i-das" (Not "A-dee-daaas")

Whatever; just say itEmotion: smile

For those who may be wondering about the pronunciations;



Here is another word for which there seem to be different pronunciations. Which, if either, do you use?

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