Sorry, I can't post them directly, because Opera doen't work properly with phpBB at this forum.

Also sorry for the weird jpg quality — that's dial-up...

Should you want to have a good full-res copy, I'll upload it on demand.

<edited by mod to make the links look suitable>
We wouldn't want you to post such large images of trees and bushes anyway, Ant. This method is fine, and the quality is good on my screen.
Hey, Ant, very nice photos. Where were the landscapes taken? Near Podolsk?

By the way, glad to meet you! Emotion: wink
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They were taken in different places. Mostly, under Tarusa.

«By the way, glad to meet you!»
Yeah, I am glad too!
Oh! These photoes are really nice! I like it! Yeahh!=))
Another positive feedback... Thnx.

I was glad to know there are fairies is Russia. I thought they had left after the revolution.
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It's so nice to see here 3 Russians gathered together... Emotion: big smile
Yes, at an English forum.

And that's not by a fluke that only Russians have written they like the photos...