The white veil dragged along

the red carpet,

like a snake crawling

on the green grass.

As I walked slowly with

my father’s arm in mine,

I looked around to see

the groom, standing tall

in a gray suit.

“Why gray? Why not blue?”

My heart questioned me.

With white lilies,

in hand, he threw

a lifeless smile at me.

My favorite flowers were

picked perhaps, by

that loving boy in

the florist store down

the street, in the cold .

A drop of tear was

peeping from the corner

of my right blue eye searching

for any signs

of happiness,in my other eye.

“Do I have to go

through this again?”

The shouting in my brain

was terrible like

the haunting bells, in the dead

of the night in the cemetery.

I turned around and looked

at the door,carved

with flowers of the spring.

Hello, Maam, its me Danny, voww I like it, but the only conclusion of gist I have come up with is that, " never lose hope ".

bye bye......

from Danny
Thanks Danny for reading and appreciating the poem.