Dear teachers,

I hope some of you could help me translating this special way of saying.

If I had to translate it from Czech language it wouldn´t make sense, it would be: "I have it behind me" so I´d rather report a situation that should help.

Fair Musikmesse has just finished, we had many stands there and we have been stressed and worried all the time before the fair had started. Now I am relaxed and happy and I can say that "I have it behind me" (please advise , how would you say this in English).

If any further explanations are necessary to better understand what I am asking for, please tell me!

thank you

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Something like this is natural:

Now that the Musikmesse Fair is behind us, we can relax a bit before going on to our next challenge.
thank you so much BUT, this is a sentence, it is not a proverb. I need a proberb with the meaning that "something is over and now I can relax".
Don´t you have something like that in English?


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Pamela81I have it behind me
That's understandable English, but the equivalent, more idiomatic English expression is "Now that's/it's all behind me".

I was stressed and worried before the fair started. Now, thank goodness, that's all behind me.

"Now that´s behind me" Emotion: yes thank you CJ!!

Strange is that in Italian we couldn´t say something like that!! My translation this time was from CZ to ENG :-)


You're welcome!

By the way, if you want to speak in a more popular style, closer to slang, you can say this.

Now it's all in the rear-view mirror. Emotion: smile

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You didn't say in your original post that you were seeking a proverb.
I cannot think of one that has this precise meaning.
Maybe: "out of sight, out of mind."
Emotion: sweatinghmmm actually, I am not sure I´ll remember something like this....("Now it's all in the rear-view mirror") it s so complicated and strange Emotion: sweating ...

CJ, I think that in this case it will be enough your first suggestion :-)))

Thank you anyway !

AlpheccaStarsYou didn't say in your original post that you were seeking a proverb.I cannot think of one that has this precise meaning.Maybe: "out of sight, out of mind."
You are right, I did not say. Thank you anyway, CJ suggested me "that´s all behind me". In my opinion it works!




"Out of sight, out of mind" I think it is fine and means that I have stopped thinking about something.....
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