Hi, everybody.

What does it mean to say "No flies on you" and when is it appropriate to say it?

Can anyone help? Please?
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Watch the pilot episode of Moonlighting- it's said in a sarcastic tone to Bruce Willis twice in the film.
its an aussie saying when you are telling someone they are an idiot. anonymous is exactly right the rest of you mustnt be aussies mrm is totally wrong
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More often than not, however, the expression is used with reference to mental quickness. BTW: The expression is not known by Americans.
Maybe its the british sense of humour but it can be used in both senses. To say admiringly that someone has acted quickly and also sarcastically to say someone is slow to catch on.
Used both as the ability to act or think quickly. Can be used in the opposite sense (sarcastically), as with any phrase.

Mr. M's answer is very accurate. However, the anonymous answer is not wrong if applied to a specific situation.
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 there both right, its just the way you say it!! Sarcastically or not!
I have. They both are. Which makes perfect sense if you understand how sarcasm works.
The best answer is essentially correct; it implies the person is quick at whatever they did, thus preventing the proverbial flies from remaining upon them.

The reason it can be a sarcastic insult is for the same reason anything can be a sarcastic insult: you mean the opposite of what you say in sarcasm. So given that a person can be quick at thinking, if you say 'no flies on you' in the context of how quickly they realised something, you could equally be being sarcastic and really imply how slowly they realised something.
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my mum's boss doesn't give good pay to my mum and this is one thing they said

boss: how about $30 for your pay (something along those lines
mum: how about $50
boss: there's no flies on you hey {mums name} Emotion: big smile
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