Hi Everyone,

I would like to ask which one of the following sentences is correct?

1) The price of a lunch menu is not greater than ¥1,000.


2) The price of a lunch menu is no greater than ¥1,000.

And, can anyone explain a little bit on when to use "no" or "not"?

Thanks in advance,
To my ear, the menu is the list of what is offered. You're certainly not buying the list, so it seems odd to talk about the price of a menu.
I would say, The price of lunch is less than ¥1,000.
Both of your choices, whether with not or no, seem a little strange to my ear, but I'd choose the second one if I had to choose one of them.
<<<1) The price of a lunch menu is not greater than ¥1,000.>>> This sentence sounds pretty odd to me.

This is not a good example of how "no greater" should be used. If I say: "the proposed rent increase should be no greater than 1%", I am saying the rent increase is under 1%.

He is no richer than you and me. ok
Your apartment is no bigger than mine. ok
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OK, I understand it now. Thank you, CalifJim. Emotion: smile