Hi all, I am a new user here.

My english teacher keeps on repeating this again and again - NO MENTION IT

Whereas my friends tell me that is DONT MENTION IT. I questioned my english teacher about the same and was
thrown out of the class.
Before I talk to him again, I want to know if its NO MENTION IT or DONT MENTION IT

Example - (example questioned as dictated by the teacher)
Thanks for your help.
No mention it.
Thanks in advance.
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Hi, aad, thanks for joining us. Welcome to English Forums.

If he's bigger than you, better be careful!

"No mention it" is not a sentence. It has no verb.

"Do not mention it" is correct.

"Don't mention it" is the contraction for the above. Don't forget the apostrophe!

Best regards, - A.
I would agree with Avangi. "No mention it" is not used, in ordinary standard English; "don't mention it" is correct.

I'm sorry to hear you had such a bad experience when you did.

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aadilprabhakarBefore I talk to him again, I want to know if its NO MENTION IT or DONT MENTION IT
We don't want to lose you. Perhaps before you broach the subject again you could practice what you plan to say with one of your friends, to be sure it's diplomatic.

Some English teachers don't have much of a sense of humor when students criticize their personal speech patterns!

Good luck!
You can either use the phrase 'no mention' or 'don't mention it' to politely tell someone that there is no need to thank you for helping them. But don't mix up the two and say 'no mention it' [H]
I disagree with you about that, Anon. I agree with Avangi and MrPedantic:
Only "Don't mention it" is commonly used for this purpose.
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There are a few "No X!" slang expressions which casually follow "Thanks!", or "Sorry about that!" :

No sweat!

No problem!

No prob!

No worries [, Mate]!

I'm not familiar with "No mention!" in this context. Perhaps in the following:
You and your friend are looking through the newspaper reviews for the opening of your new play/musical.
Did they have anything to say about my terrific drunk scene? (reply) No mention.
This means, "I find no mention of it." (nothing to do with "you're welcome / Don't mention it.")
'No mention' is typically Brit Eng....The English and also people from former Brit colonies (especially the older generation) are familiar with this expression...however, during the recent past it has lost much of it's popularity...you can check it out it in any BrE dictionary, to have a better understanding of this phrase....best,
Thanks, Anon! Emotion: smile
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