Hello again !

I've got a comprehension problem reading with a slang sentence spoke by a tramp in Of mice and men. Could you help me, please ?

George stepped over and threw his blankets down on the burlap sack of straw that was a mattress. He looked into his box shelf and then picked a small yellow can from it. "Say. What the hell's this?" [...] "Says 'positively kills lice, roaches and other scourges.' What the hell kind of bed you giving us, anyways. We don't want no pants rabbits."
(John Steinbeck, Of mice and men, p. 18)

What does "no pants rabbits" mean ?
Just google "pants rabbits" and you'll get your answer.
Oh, right, thank you...Emotion: smile
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"...lice, roaches and other scourges..."
I had always wondered what the line from the movie "High Plains Drifter" spoken by Mordecai when he refers to the sherriffs recommendation of "Miss Peekins does a right fine boiled wash"... Mordecai adds... "Uses lye for pants rabbits she does, no itch no scratch."

I could never understand it when I heard it... and finally when I saw the line printed in the subtitles I could look it up (which brought me here to this page) that "pants rabbits" are any form of 4 legged insect that infest the crotch area.

Makes sense....
Lice and/or crabs
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Anonymous4 legged insect
I know this post is ancient, but I couldn't resist. All insects, by definition, have 6 legs!

that they dont want to get crabs.
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