Dear all,

These days I have not been receiving any answers to my questions. I would like to know its reason.

Thank you.

Questions here are answered by a small team of unpaid volunteers. Sometimes there are more questions than we have time to answer, which means that, unfortunately, some go unanswered.

It looks as though at least some of your recent questions have received replies. I've just answered another. I'd look at some more, but it's midnight and I need to get to bed.

Dear Sir,

I thought that some technical error might have occurred to this forum. That's why I put such a post. Sorry about that. The teachers of this forum helped me a lot to correct my mistakes in English. This is the best platform to study English. Every one of this forum is very helpful and they are very much interested to clarify our doubts. Kudos to all teachers. May God bless you all.

Thank you.