Can someone write a title for this poem?

You have abducted my brain,
You have colonized my mind,
You have invaded my heart,
You have taken me to another galaxy,
You have made your spaceship fly high,
You have made me seen the stars,
That is why I say
You have added some science-fiction
to my life.
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I find that a title can really put a poem into it's 'true' context

So I'd have to say I think that you should come up with a title yourself.

A good way to do that is to say the first thing which sounds right. Other than that you could write down it's true simple meaning as you believed when you worte it and if nessisary hide it with colourful techniques that enclose the meaning in mysteryEmotion: smile

oh and...

You have made me see the stars <--

Maj I Was browsing round the forums by the way and I think I pieced together that you're a girl.. Well actually someone just said it I think. hehe. Point is I've been acting under the impression that you were a guy. Ah the net.. freedom!
My UFO. Do you like this title?
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Yeah that sounds right Emotion: big smile
Thanks, Peter. By the way where are you from?
Hey maj, You answered so quickly!
How often are you online?
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You tell me.
Well, I only come on every so often.
I'm a pretty volitile person, so I try to communicate rarely so that I have lots of time to calm down in betweenEmotion: smile

em.. So I wouldn't know
You are a wonderful COMMUNICATOR, Arnie should be scared of you.
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