Name a six letter word with no vowels in it.
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I was going to guess crypts or lymphs. Both have six letters and no vowels. I was always taught that the letter 'y' was a secondary vowel, as it sometimes makes the sound of a vowel, but isn't genuinely regarded as one. Emotion: smile
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Well'it's easy: "zzzzzz", the onomatopoeia representing the noise made by snoring people (or other sounds).
Of course, the zeds might be sixty, or sixty-six, or six hundred...
i have a word none of u wuld have ever came up with its
it is when three celestial bodies align[H](h)
the word is rythm
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here is an explaination to what is considered a vowel.. the english rule that we were taught here in america was this.. VOWELS: A,E,I,O,U sometimes Y and W so "w" in the word crwths is actually considered a vowel in this circumstance. hope that helps
If we agree that y is a semivowel and not a true vowel, I submit the word syzygy. Emotion: smile
the crwth is a welsh instrument, not a scottish instrument as earlier stated. in welsh, "w" is usually a vowel, as in this case, so that's not really a word without vowels. as borrowed into english, i don't know what would be considered the proper plural, but in welsh the plural is crwthau. i'd have to disagree also with "y" not counting as a vowel: in the instances sited, it functions as a vowel, not as a consonant. a vowel sound just happens, in those words, to be written with a symbol also used to represent a consonant sound.

i've just checked out crwth in my oxford english dictionary: it does not appear. the word as borrowed into english does appear (in english, it's crowd).
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In swedish it's definately a wovel. Not that it matters anyway =)

Just for the record, you can't pronounce any word without using a wovel.
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