Name a six letter word with no vowels in it.
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"Nymphs" is the best I could come up with. I wonder if there are other longer words.
isn't the word "rhth" a word with no vowels? it's a stringed instrument, i believe.
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It is true that English has the phonotactic constraint that every word must contain a vowel. Orthographically, "y" may symbolize either a consonant, or a vowel (or a "semi-consonant" if you consider glides as such) However, it is NOT true that every language requires every word to contain a vowel. Take a look at Berber. Here's a really nicely written paper looking at the Tashlhiyt dialect of Berber (spoken in the southern part of Morocco) if you want more info.


If you don't want to read the paper, at least here are 3 examples of words from it:

(1) tftXtstt "you rolled it (fem)"*
(2) tqssf “it shrunk (fem)”
(3) tfktstt “you gave it (fem)”

*(X=uvular fricative)
but if there are really no words with vowels then wouldnt Y substitute as the vowel in that word,rhythm?
Do not forget the legitimate adjective 'nth.' That is in the dictionary.
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i always thought that the term for planetary bodies being in alignment was ... crap i forgot!!

damn it...!!

wait, ill remember...


ahh... synergy
I think you mean "syzygy."
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