Name a six letter word with no vowels in it.
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well the thing about the english langauge is that it is impossible to spell a word properly with out any vowels so you should say to that teacher or any other teach like that if my message is to late then i hope you leared a grammer lesson to teach a teacher this is a grade 6 student speakingEmotion: geeked
I wonder whether anyone will read this, as the discussion above is pretty old, but I just have to observe that in Czech language we have whole sentences without any written vowel, like "Strč prst skrz krk!" (Push your finger through your throat!). :-)
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In phonologyy" the sudy of speech sounds of a language, no meaningful english word consists of voweless sounds.Concerning the maximum number of successive consonants in one word is only THREE consonants, this is what they call in phonlogy the cluster of consantants , and it is language specific .Each language has its own cluster of consonants, In English , these three consonants must have some disinctive features, it means not any three consonats can go togother unless the first consonant is an"s" the second one is a voicless anterior stop sound likt "t-k.." and the third one is a latteral sound"l-r". Based on this there is no six letter word in english having no vowel.
hi.it wad't that much tough question.the word s rhythm..??am i correct
Syzygy, but I think the Y's count as vowels.
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Anonymous...Concerning the maximum number of successive consonants in one word is only THREE consonants...

What do you say then of words like menstruation? It has four successive consonants.

wow , so cool to see this topic as im into scrabble Emotion: smileEmotion: smile i know one with no vowel Emotion: smile it is TSKTSK also you can add S ( tsktsks ) Emotion: smile hehe
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there is no such word....
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