Name a six letter word with no vowels in it.
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The answer (I think) is between the ABC and DEF (so others can try)

But then again, some people consider the Y a vowel.
Yes, the word is there.
I never was taught Y is a vowel. I know there are twelve different vowel sounds + eight different sound combinations with two vowels, yes?
I haven't read the previous posts about Y as consonant, Emotion: embarrassed
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Here's another word with no vowels:-


as in the sound you make when it's cold!

Got this from the Official Scrabble Word book so it must be in the Chambers Dictionary. It surprised me as well!
That's interesting.
How about if you are angry... Grrrrrr!
'Rhythm' - a six letter word with no vowels!
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Ww and chris [*][*]
And if plural, seven letter word, but that is less funny.

Something is really amazing for me, just a syllable in some nine letter words : screeched , scratched.
the answer is PSST.

try "Crwths." A Crwth is a scottish instrument resembling a lyre, making it plural: Crwths. six letters, no vowels, no half-vowels like "y."

I expect a check in the mail.
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