Do you agree with this comment?

It is important to emphasise that command of the spoken language is not a form of 'incorrect' or 'less precise' form of the written language; it is a linguistic skill that fulfils certain particular aims and requirements, which follows its own rules and has its own inner logic.

I can see the logic of the statement.

What has it to do with "second cousins"?
Spoken language is the real language, the "default" one. It is actually much more precise than written language (because of stress and intonation, or facial expressions if you are face to face). So I agree: teachers should put much more emphasis on spoken English, which is also the most difficult part of English to master for ESL students.
Unfortunately, there are too many teachers who don't seem to understand that, often because they don't have a clue how to speak English themselves (foreign ESL teachers). It seems you just need to be able to fill in the blanks as expected to consider your English "good". No wonder there are learners whose written English is extremely good (good posts) but they admit they have serious trouble understanding spoken English.
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There are some ways in which written language is more precise, for example there is less trouble with hononyms, and also written language follows widespread conventions more easily, so is less localized. However, speaking always comes before writing, and since it is less precise in some ways and more so in others, there is no need for a hierarchy.

All English teachers generally speak the language to some degree. I'm very tired of that kind of ignorant rant.
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By all means disagree or even disapprove strongly, but please let's maintain civility.

Thank you, Clive