I am in the process of applying for the NOHA MAsters program and I was wondering if you could review my motivation letter.
Please see letter below.

I appreciate your comments.



I am a graduate of the University of ####### with a Bachelor in Public Health and I am submitting my application to the NOHA European Masters in Humanitarian Action for the academic year 2010/2011.

When I remember my experiences as a volunteer in Guinea helping young Liberian refugees get medical care and start a new life after having to flee from civil war, I realized that my passion centered on public health and humanitarian aid. I worked with populations who have experienced disasters (war, forced migrations) and I aimed to educate them on how to live a healthier life (e.g. dealing with PTSD, making them aware of Maternal and Child Health issues). After moving to the United States, I enrolled into the University of ####### and was inducted in the University of ###### Honor society, the ####### Honor Society. I graduated from the School of Public Health in December 2007 with a Bachelor of Science in Public Health. My passion for the field of Public Health and Humanitarian Aid has led me to intern with organizations where I was able to improve and learn skills that would help me succeed in the field. As a National Institutes of Health intern, I had the opportunity to improve my writing abilities, help with the design, implementation and evaluation of the programs geared toward refugees and asylees in the Washington DC area and work with uninsured African and Hispanic refugees and asylees seeking health care and guidance on how to start a new life in the US after living traumatic experiences. My main duties were to translate our program in Spanish and be their guide during their journey at the NIH Clinical Center.

I am fluent in French and English, and I also have intermediate knowledge of Spanish and Arabic. I have lived in Algeria, Guinea, Morocco, Tunisia and the US. I became acquainted with people from all different backgrounds, cultures and paths of life. My main objective is to help people in dire needs and situations when all their hopes have gone astray.

I really believe that I can make a difference in the field of Humanitarian Aid, if given the opportunity to pursue the NOHA program In International Humanitarian Action. My main research interests are Refugee Health, Maternal and Child Health, and Communicable Diseases, more specifically Program Design, Monitoring and Evaluation in disaster areas. The program will allow me to get expertise on Global Health and how to administer proper Humanitarian Aid policies and processes in areas ravaged by violence, war and natural disasters. I am certain that a Master in International Humanitarian Action will help me further my career in the field of Global Health and Humanitarian Aid.

Yours faithfully,

Could someone please help me with this motivation letter?

I am waiting on replied to send in my application.

Thank you for your time.

I'd probably say something more about what you hope to LEARN from the course, as opposed to having them focus in on what you already know.

Best of luck!! xx

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Did you get into the NOHA Master's? I am currently also applying. Reading your motivation statement helped me to see what topics I could still include. Thanks!

Hi. I am currently applying to NOHA Masters. Have you got in? If yes, can you contact me cause I have a few questions? Thank you.