Could someone help me I need help in nominative pronouns and objective! I need to know everything test on Monday please help!
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Do you mean subject pronouns and object pronouns? I'd say nominative and objective pronouns are used to called them like that in the grammar of some languages.
Nominative pronouns are used as subjects of the sentence or clauses. If you are unsure as to which word is the subject, restate the sentence by placing who or what in front of the verb.

these words are examples of nominative pronouns in a sentence, its just like a story it comes in first,second, and third person.

first person singular is I and first person plural is WE

second person for singualr and plural is YOU

third person for singular is HE,SHE,IT and plural is THEY

Objective: Objective pronouns are used as direct and indirect objects. As with most other sentence parts, a direct or inderect objecet can be located easy once the verb is found. To find a direct object, place whom or what after an action verb.

Objective words to look for in a sentence:

first person singular is ME and plural is US

second person singular and plural is YOU

third person singular is HIM, HER, IT and plural is THEM

just identify the words underline them and then take it from there. i know its confusing they all look the same to me LOL!!Emotion: big smile

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sure i would love to help and i will help u get an A

Nomative pronouns: I you he she it we you they

Thats all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

easy uhh?? anyway u could come up with a phrase to learn it for example : If your hip siser is weak, your tired!!!!!!!!!!! its stupid but that don't matter as long as ya get the concept
basically, nom. pronouns are either the subject or a predicate noun and an objective pronoun is in the predicate usually as an do, io, or and op