I buy a sleeping-car ticket sometimes on a tram,
People amazed, who can be this guy in pyjamas,
I scratch my nose when Brando recites a poem,
I like to go to church to smoke big havanas.

I always break into tears when a nation laughs,
I smoke sometimes when I’m having sex,
On southern sea in a fur I fish and have a bathe,
I think everything is easy before difficult it gets.

I always answer to their Please: Me to,
I used to stroke sometimes my favourite CDs,
I find it hard to forget my rhymes for you,
I’m inspired by summers, autumns, springs.
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Out of curiosity when did you write this one, a long time ago?
Five months ago I think. " ..I think everything is easy before difficult it gets." - that's a line that I'm very proud of, it seems to be written by a native English speaker. Did you like it.?
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yes, but it is different from the rest. I sometimes need to read them more than once and think about them.
Why don't you write a poem yourself? A title could be : "A Guiness, paella, Enrique." The first line; " Enrique, il tua padre e un bastardo, such a crook"
have you been drinking? I liked your poem.
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To be honest a non conformist wouldn't be inspired by springs, summers, and autumns, which are quite topical.
I liked the line that you mentioned. I liked "to go to Church to smoke big Havanas", it sounds quite irreverent. I don't like the line about people who smoke while having sex. Please, take no offence at it. It's my humble personal opinion and I do admire some of your stuff.
It's called contradiction. An American critic of mine called me master of contradiction. The paella poem is about a Spanish family, Iglesias. And I 've already told you about the beers.
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