Hi Everyone,

I'm creating a resource for my class on non continuous verbs.

I know that 'need' is a non continuous verb, so you can't use it with continuous tense.

However, I think you can say 'needing' in many circumstances.

For example,

They are needing to do the same as the rest of the group.
I'm really needing a glass of wine right now.
Steven is needing more time to make such a big decision.

Would you deem these to be incorrect?


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Cup cakeWould you deem these to be incorrect?

In academic English, yes.

The participle is used in non-finite clauses.

Needing a break, Tim got up from his desk and went to the coffee bar.


These sentences are not really standard English. The second one seems to me the most likely to be used, as a kind of informal variation for colour (though I don't think it is worth mentioning to your class). I don't see a justification for the other two. Use simple present instead.

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Cup cakeI'm creating a resource for my class on non-continuous verbs.

Even non-continuous verbs are sometimes used in a continuous tense, but that's just for creating "special effects". These special effects are fairly rare, and they occur even less often in the present tense.

1) After noshing on all those chocolates, he'll be needing a little extra exercise. [temporarily, "for a while", to work off the effect of the chocolates]
2) I've been needing to go out and start doing this myself, but I just haven't yet. [focusing on the constant and continuing need to do something]

That said, I think that any mention of these special effects will cause more confusion than it's worth dealing with in a class full of students, so I wouldn't mention it until the students are more advanced.



OK, thanks, GPY.

I guess it's follow the rules on this one. Emotion: mmm

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Thanks, CJ.

That is a good idea. I think I'd be opening up a total can of worms, which always stirs up trouble. Emotion: sad

I'll just stick to the rules. Emotion: smile

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Thanks, AlpheccaStars.

Great help! Emotion: smile