I've been logged out and now I can't log in again. I've requested new password to be sent to my email address but nothing has come through?

nona the brit
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There are 22 Emails in the email que... maybe it got stuck there? I'll keep checking, otherwise try again, and let me know what happens.

Ok the number is increasing... let me just see if I can catch Hitch..
Hello Nona

I had to delete all my cookies. Might be worth a try.

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cleared my cookies (yum yum. I especially liked the chocolate chip ones) but still don't know my password and the reminder emails not coming through Emotion: sad
It should come through now...
nope nothing arrived
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Hello Nona

I've tried to reset your password and have sent you a new one – post here if you don't get it!

See you,

I'm in! Hurray! Thanks.

I found all the emails in the spam folder. I didn't think to look there until this morning as all emails from ef have come through to my inbox ok before Emotion: embarrassed
Is that YOU jumping out of the perfectly good airplane?? (How COOL!)
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