Hello. I was reading a story about an informant who worked for FBI to infiltrate the group of young muslims, and run into this phrase "nondescript location." The phrase was used in the following sentence:

The informants' recording devices - which may have been embedded in cell phones or some other nondescript location - malfunctioned multiple times during the investigation.

The dictionary definition of "nondescript" from online dictionaries doesn't appear to match the definition of the word in this context. Can I assume nondescript location in this sentence means a location such that a recording device hidden within it is difficult to find? (In the previous sentence, should I have written "such a location that a recording device hidden within it is difficult to find"?)

Please help and thank you so much in advance.
I would think it is more likely that the locations for the bugs are not locations that are likely to draw attention - practically everybody carries cell/mobile phones these days.

"Nondescript" = not having distinctive characteristics.
Hi guys,

Another, although related, meaning of 'nondescript' is uninteresting, dull. To me, this meaning is so strong that it sounds a bit like the passage is referring to 'an uninteresting or dull location'. It just sounds a little bit odd to me. Obviously, the writer liked his phrase,but I'd prefer to say something like 'an everyday location'.