Hey, folks!

Is it correct?

It's noon thirty.
It's midnight thirty.

thanks in advance!
No. In both cases it is "half past twelve" or "Twelve thirty". If you need to say if it is midday or midnight, then it would be "Twelve thirty pm" for midday, and "Twelve thirty am" for midnight.
Thanks a lot.

By the way, is it correct to say "it's one and a half hour"

Thanks again! :0)
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It's an hour and a half long

It's one and a half hours since he left
That's what I'm talking about. I've been using noon-thirty and midnight-thirty and noon-fifteen for awhile now. some people accept it and some just down right called me lame.

thank you
I saw noonthirty on a letter in an old movie from the late 40s or 50s.
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People would certainly understand it, but would probably assume you were trying to be funny.
Kekel Thanks a lot.By the way, is it correct to say "it's one and a half hour"Thanks again! :0)
No, say it's 1:30.
Or half past one.
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