This message should not be printed or transfered.

You can't use 'nor' instead of 'or' in this case, because it can't be rewritten in the 'neither... nor' form, right?

Yes, you can use 'nor' in that case though more often people just say 'or'.

You could re-write it as 'neither...nor'.

'This message should neither be printed nor transfered.' It's a bit bureaucratic sounding.
Thanks Wanwo

Grammartically, either way is okay in my sentence?

This message should not be printed or/nor transfered.
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You can either say not/or OR neither/ nor. You cannot grammatically use not and nor OR neither and or.
I understand thanks to both of your teachings Emotion: smile

Grammartically. Emotion: smile
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To tell you the truth, it's not a typoEmotion: smile If you hadn't told me, I would be using it wrongly.Emotion: smile