I can't distinguish between these two words

Please explain and give some examples to make their difference clearer
Thanks a lot!
In general, I would say that "normal" suggests that nothing is wrong or strange or especially bad about the thing. "Ordinary" suggests that nothing is unusual or special about it.

Here's the best example I can think of -- the parents of a new baby would be relieved to hear that the baby is "normal" (it has the right number of arms and legs and fingers and toes and so on), but they would be insulted if someone called their baby "ordinary" (not special in any way).

In some contexts there would not be much difference. For instance, I don't see much difference between "It was just a normal day." and "It was just an ordinary day." If you have particular sentences you are wondering about, post them and we will tell you if there is a significant difference.
normal: within (specified/expected) parameters
ordinary: average parameters, not too good and not too bad
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They are pretty much the same as far as I'm concerned, but do have a slightly different meaning in some situations.

For me, ordinary has more a feeling of being "not special".
Normal has a feeling of being "usual, standard or especially... NOT strange".

Imagine your Mum has cooked some soup, but she thinks something about it tastes wrong. She asks, "Is it OK?".
You answer, "The soup tastes normal" (the soup doesn't taste strange).

However, if you go to a restaurant and your husband says, "I think this soup is amazing!". You might answer,
"Actually, I think the soup tastes ordinary" (the soup isn't special, it's just the same as a million other soups).

Sorry, that's all I have time for, hope it helps.Emotion: smile
thank you a lot!
now I can feel it very much better
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Thank you

Ordinary basically means normal, but it's not the same thing, I do what I normally do, not what I ordinarily do, ordinary implies you're usual to everyone else without regard to physical, emotional or mental health, normal is concerned with the three and is never even changing yourself unless you're reinventing yourself, and I have reinvented myself. However the way I changed, was from a conformist average person to a non-conformist way too above average person who's better than the norm, that's normal to me, since I usually do it. I behave normal but my belly feels ill, not normal. Normal is complicated whereas ordinary would be simpler. E.g. copying everyone else is common, usual or ordinary but it's not normal. If I don't invent my own religion it would be ordinary. Whereas if I believe in my own invented religion it might be normal. There's two types of normal: intrapersonal and conformity, therefore I'm intrapersonally normal.

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Please distinguish Normal and ordinary thanks

Generally speaking, normal is used in more scientific-type situations, while ordinary is used in more everyday- type situations. For example:

Your blood sugar and cholesterol levels are normal (not ordinary).

He's just your ordinary (not normal) guy, with a wife and kids, working 9 to 5, 40 hrs. a week.

This is not normal (not ordinary) behavior for a 7 yr. old. He may need psychological evaluation.

He's just an ordinary (not normal) kid, no genius in the classroom, and no star on the football field, and we're just fine with that.

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