I am writing to ask about the difference between Northern and north(adj)?

Why do we say northern hemisphere, but north America, and northern Ireland?

There are many words for which one is used and the other is not true however both of them can act as an adjective.

I think the same goes for south and southern

Normally you will use "north" for countries (North Korea), states (North Dakota) and continents (North America). "Northern Ireland" is just an exception, possibly because it's sitauted in the north of the island of Ireland.
If it is the given name of the area, follow the tradition: Northern Ireland, North America. If it is just a descriptive adjective, use uncapitalized 'northern': northern lights.
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Thanks Ivanhr and Mister Micawber for your time and help.

Do we say north part of Germany or nothern part of Germany?

You can judge my opinion from my post.
Use "the northern part of Germany" or "the north of Germany".
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Thanks Mister Micawber, So Nothern must be used.

You use north when refering to a country as in North America, and always written capitalized. While, when you talk about specific region or area, e.g northern himalayas, always written uncapitalized.

Now, I think you know the difference


Thanks Nidhi.
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