does anyone has any clue about what's happening in northern ireland ?
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What do you mean? Now or historically? There is probably going to be a NI assembly election on March 7. The monitoring commitee is about to release its latest report on the IRA ceasefire.
why does IRA do so? is it like an occupation there?
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No, it is a terrorist organisation called the Irish Republican Army.

You need to google up IRA, Northern Ireland peacekeeping and Northern Ireland history.

People who use the word 'occupation' in regard to N. Ireland usually associate it with the British presence there.

Best wishes, Clive
Historically speaking, it is not fair to call the IRA a terrorist group, unless one would like to call the British military/government a terrorist group. Historically speaking, of course.
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I agree anon
Why don't you think the IRA were terrorists?
That's not how I read Anon's post, Nona. S/he didn't say the IRA wasn't a terrorist organisation, but suggested that there were acts of terrorism on both sides.
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