Can you tell me why the underlined "be" verb is not a linking verb?

They are in a speedy time right now.
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Hi believer,

Could you please give a clue as to why you suspect it might not be one?

Thanks, - A.
I think it is not a linking verb because it indicates location.

I hope it's correct.
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What, then, would it be?

- A.
Hi Believer,

"in a speedy time" is actually trying to indicate a condition, not a location.

Like "I'm in a hurry."
Greetings all,

I'm confused. My reference says forms of to be are always "linking verbs". I used to hear them called "verbs of being." Obviously, in "I was walking," this wouldn't hold. I've heard them called "auxilliary verbs" or "helping verbs" in this case.

But if I say "I was confused," or "I was away," indicating a condition and a location respectively, If I can't call them "linking verbs" what can I call them?

Respectfully, - A.
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Argh. That's why I hate trying to find the names for things.

I'm sure Jim or Mr. M. will come by the with the right terms for all this.

I am happy. - links to adjective

I am in the Amazon basin.- links to location

I'm in a bit of a rush. - links to a condition - I guess an adjective phrase?

I am a professional beekeeper. - links to a noun phrase
Ahaa. Thanks much.

Sounds like Believer's question must remain unanswered. It is a linking verb.

Such fun! - A. (I hear the bees are dying off.)
what words are not linking verbs
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