An 'usual' spanish girl use to have dark hair and brown skin... but here I am, blonde (natural blonde) and white skin..

xDD... and then, me as a South Park character Emotion: smile..
If you wanna make your own characters, this is the website.

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Hey Utena...welcome to the forums...cute photo Emotion: smile

Oh, and love your southpark character hehe!
what a lovely girl! I love Spanish, glad to meet here.
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DTAwhat a lovely girl! I love Spanish, glad to meet here.

Thank you very much Emotion: smile nice to meet you too, honey!
como tu es bonita! you're really beautiful!
hımmm,,so pretty Emotion: smile
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I wish you had not cutted photo, and uploaded it as orginal. Because the girl beside you is very ...... Emotion: embarrassed

well anyway.. you look like a beautiful northern girl. for example polonia,lithuania or maybe russia Emotion: smile Spain may be one of the last possibilities

thanks for the web page. I tried to make something too. But how could you make her with tongue shower face? I did not see such a mouth at options. It's really nice Emotion: smile

Here is mine:

he's white skinned, likes blue color and prefers not to look at camera Emotion: smile

Eres una joven muy bonita, y no te preocupes no todas las jovenes de tu pais son de cabello oscuro, un ejemplo la cantante de la oreja de van gohg, yo soy fan de ellos jejejejeje.

opssssEmotion: embarrassed I should write in English right jajajajaja. sorry.

By the way thank you for the page of Soud parkEmotion: wink

see u soon
Here is me. Emotion: big smile
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