Can you pull that book out of the bookshelf but not all the way. I want it to be on the shelf so I can shoot the cover with the other books in the background.

Is the description understandable?
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'Dangling' to me suggests at least the possibility of some movement. I'd say 'hanging off the dresser'.
Thank you, Clive.
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That doesn't sound very natural to me.

I dangled the ribbon in front of the cat.

I dangled my car keys to indicate that I was ready to leave.

Dangling implies movement to me, and only a tiny portion is still "attached." If you think of the Spiderman movies, usually there is more than one person in the course of the movie who will be dangling from a ledge, gripping desperately with their fingertips, so Spidey can come rescue them.

If you tell me a book is dangling in the air, it almost sounds like a ghost is there.
Thanks, GG.