No, i go no more at london with Justine.
I have no more much money after the veterinar.
Is that there is some body that knows where we can to go?
I thinked saint tropez, but there is not english there Emotion: sad
Dear Threepod,

You must say: «I thought about Saint Tropez but there are not any English people there».

It is not true, by the way.

Kind regards,Emotion: smile
She wouldn't have liked it in London, 3. Too many foxes.

Do you want to go somewhere where you can practise English?

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Good day, m. Globmund,
Is it that you know that there are english in saint tropez? is it that you have gone there?
is it that i can to speak english there?
Aah, good day, my My Pd!
I like talk with you, you know so very much many thing.
why is it that thaere are fox at london?

Is it that you like the pigs of giunae, My Pd? Is it that you invite me and Justine?
Well, I'd be happy to have Justine over here, but I'm not sure I can find room for both of you.

(Don't worry, I'd take good care of her. I'm very partial to guinea pig.)

Could you send her by post?

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But is it that you house at london? i not like very much the fox there...

And if we come at you, then it is that perhaps you can learn of english? i find that you a re a very much good professor, MyPd!

But no, i not send Justine by the post, ha ha, you joke, mypd, i go with Justine, and we take not much place because that we are very close.