I would like to know the role and the meaning of "not concerning" in the following sentence that I retracted from on Suicide by Emile Durkheim.

If we come across them, we shall assemble under these denomination all the facts, without exception, that present these distinct characteristics, not concerning ourselves with whether the class so formed does or does not include all the instances that are ordinarily so termed.

I just dont get it.

To put it more vividly.

When we come across them, we shall assemble all these facts that present these characteristics, and we should not be concerning ourselves with ? is the ideal structure for me but I think there is some kind a reduction that I dont know or I just could not grasp the structure. I don't get why the translator used "not concerning" in the sentence.

If you can explain it, I will be delighted.



This is clearly part of a complicated statement. However, I will try to focus on the "not concerning" part of the paragraph.

First, the writer says: We are going to make a group of everything that has certain characteristics.

Then the writer adds ("not concerning ourselves with"): We do not care if this new group is not the same as the group that usually goes by this name.

Does that help?