Hi, everybody!
My question today is about "not only ... but also" & "both ... and"

I have a couple of sentences like this:

He is interested in gardening. He is interested in collecting stamps.
= He is interested in not only gardening but also collecting stamp.
= He is interested not only in gardening but also in collecting stamps.

My question is : Which one is true? _ I opt the second one.
My next question is:
Can we replace "not only ... but also" with "both ... and"
He is interested not only in gardening but also in collecting stamps
= He is interested both in gardening and in collecting stamps.
Many thanks in advance.
Grammarians say that not only and both should be followed by elements having the same grammatical structure. Therefore all of your sentences are correct.

Another option is

He is interested in both gardening and collecting stamps.
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Many thanks, Ivanhr!
I opt for the seconde one
"He is interested not only in gardening but also in collecting stamps." this one is better because it keeps parallelism and this makes a better style
For the second one you've already answered it Not Only ....but also can be substituted by Both .... and
Here's another Example
Shakespeare wrote drama
Shakespeare wrote comedy
Shakespeare wrote not only drama but also comedy
to be more emphatic you can say
Not only did Shakespeare write drama but also comedy.
Now both se,tences can be expressed differently
Shakespeare wrote both drame and comedy.

I hope I've answered your question
An English tunisian teacher

It's my understanding that the differences between 'not only A but (also)B' and 'both A and B'

First, in case of 'not only A (,)but also B, you can put comma in front of B.

Second, 'Not only A but also B' has the hidden meaning the writer has his or her heart set on: intentional emphasis on B, compared with A.

written by 허쉬초코릿 from South Korea

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