Could please any Guru in this forum help settle a discussion on the meaning of “not required”?

I’ve done some research on the Internet to support my statement (below are some of the sentences – everything not mine is enclosed in quotes). I think that something “not required” is “not necessary,” “not needed,” “not compulsory,” “not statutory,” “not mandatory” but not “wrong” or “incorrect.”

FROM THE USA: How could understanding English be wrong?

California Schools: English Not Required

… The school districts, joined by two bilingual-education advocacy groups, say the 1.6 million students and their schools are penalized because tests given in English do not accurately measure how well English-learners understand academic subjects. …

“School districts with high concentrations of immigrant students are suffering because the standardized tests that measure progress are conducted solely in English,” said Coleman. “The sanctions have really kicked in, and districts are feeling the pain of being labeled failures.”

Let’s get this straight: “High concentrations” of immigrants (possibly even illegal) are the basis for a special-interest’s lawsuit demanding that school districts provide them with tests - not in English - but in their native language? …

FROM AUSTRALIA: How could understanding English be wrong?


English not required says a defiant mufti

… The sheik said it was too late for him to learn English and thought it was unnecessary because most of his constituents spoke Arabic.

FROM THE USA: How could mastering a foreign language be wrong?

(http://www.boston.com/news/local/articles/2006/10/19/increasingly_libraries_are_the_place_to_learn_english/ )

At the Framingham Public Library, 260 tutors are matched up with 319 students, with eight-week “Survival English” classes also offered as a stopgap for those who are on the waiting list for tutoring. Interestingly, in Framingham and elsewhere, the tutors are not required to be fluent in any foreign languages.

Many sites require that users should register … how could registering be wrong?

(http://www.1-language.com/privacypolicy.htm )

Registration is not required to use this site, with the exception of the Video Center section where a user must first complete the registration form. During registration a user is required to give contact information including a username, password, and valid email address. We do not use this information, but …

FROM THE UK (BBC): how could having broader knowledge and additional skills be wrong?

(http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/sci/tech/3682397.stm )

“Even though I'm not required to use the control panel on the Soyuz vehicle, I'm still required to know the functions of everything.”

I also hypothesised that in Asia “not required” could have other additional meanings … but I found this one

Experience Preferred… But Not Required

Dark comedy and a sometimes brutally realistic portrayal of the kinds of dubious characters who infest school staff rooms across Thailand, make this books essential reading for anyone who has ever taught English in Asia, and those who want to know why they do it!

Could any of the Gurus / Proficient Speakers please give their opinions?

Warmest regards.

If something is "not required", then as you surmise, it is not regarded as necessary.
I think that something “not required” is “not necessary,” “not needed,” “not compulsory,” “not statutory,” “not mandatory” but not “wrong” or “incorrect.”
Yes, you understand 'not required'. It's just as you say. If something is not required, you don't have to do it. Another way of looking at it: If something is not required, it is optional. You are allowed to do it, and also allowed not to do it, as you choose.

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