I guess the word "titbits (tidbits) means something which makes this or that thing stand out from orthers similar or it names anything which is extraordinary, interesting, non-typical... Can this word be used in the advertising text oriented to potential customers? I mean is this not a slang word or something like that? The sentence I want to use it in is:

"We offer you the standard fields for filling in when you describe your house. But we understand that you might have some house/property/accommodation titbits and want them to be submitted as well, therefore we provide you with the opportunity to add custom fields for this."

Any advice is much appreciated.
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titbits (tidbits) 'Tidbits' is the NAmE term. In simple terms, a tidbit is a small, tasty piece of food that makes you want more. Thus, a tidbit of news is a little piece of information that makes you want to hear more.

I guess if you wanted to use the word with regard to real-estate, that would be OK.

Best wishes, Clive
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great, I will use it, thank you.
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in Canada, there is a food chain called Tim Hortons..though it's been merged into Wendy's..
Anyway, what I want to say is that their little cute desserts are called "Timbits"..with tons of flavours..
In British English, "titbits" is a general term for small items of information that may be of interest. In your sentence, it's suggesting that if you have any further information about your property, not covered in the standard fields ("fields" in the sense of database fields), you can create your own customised fields to hold this information.
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Sounds fine to me. The Americans use 'tid-bits" for the same reason they call your toilet the "bathroom".

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