I don't know if this is the right place to ask about Books.please forgive me if its not.
Recently I decided to learn English by popular teaching books but i don't know which one is better.
Please tell me which one would you choose.
Actually, the only one of those I know is 'Interchange', which is extremely popular in Japan, though I find it no better or worse than the others available here. I don't think you'll go seriously wrong no matter which one you choose, though each advisor seems to have his favorite (the one he has used). Please understand that such textbooks are not designed for self-study, however—they are designed for teacher and class interaction.
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Top Notch = Rubbish, Completely useless

Interchange = Good

English File = Perfect

Cutting Edge = Perfect

But I want to learn by myself. I don't have much money to go to the teaching center. Moreover, the teaching center is very slow and not according to the route I want. And many centers do not teach these textbooks, they all open TOEIC, and IELTS preparation courses...

namlqBut I want to learn by myself.

Then go ahead and work through one of those textbooks by yourself. Be sure to do all of the activities. You're bound to learn some English that way.

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