Hi, everyone.
Yesterday I read in a reference book on note-writing compiled by a Chinese college teacher the following sample:
Sept. 15, 2007
Dear Lynn,
We are thinking about holding a meeting to discuss the problem of electricity shortage of our factory on 25 September. Would you please prepare a presentation on the possible solutions to the problem? Please call me if you agree to make the presentation. Many thanks!
Yours sincerely,
My question is, Should we have the last sentence "Many thanks!" as a new paragraph? Is there a rule for such expressions as "Many thanks!", "With best regards.", "Best wishes.", etc.? Should they indiscriminately be a new one-sentence paragraph?

Thanks in advance.
Hi Richard,
I often wondered who makes the rules for notes! I agree, "Many thanks!" should get a little more recognition, if that's what you're suggesting.

As an aside, "the problem of electricity shortage of our factory" doesn't seem idiomatic, but I'm not sure that it's incorrect.
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Do you mean the problem may be with the preposition "of" before "our factory" or anything else in this phrase? How do you find the revision of "the electricity shortage our factory is facing now"?
The "of" you mention was the worst part of it.

Your revision seems quite natural, but I'm not sure it has an equivalent meaning. I believe the original refers to one specific occurrence of low, or failed, power supply. Granted, that may be symptomatic, or typical.

"Low" power, or a power shortage, is quite rare in the US. The "grid" is set up so we have multiple sources. We have brief "power failures" or "power outages" when a truck accidently knocks over a pole, and we have much longer ones (regionally - sometimes several days) when bad wind or ice storms damage the lines. Rarely, on extremely hot days, the high use of air conditioners overloads the system and knocks it out.

But I understand that in newly industrialized nations, low voltage is often a problem.

Sorry, I didn't mean to ramble on! - A.

Edit. In most cases, "our factory is now facing" would be a bit more common.

And I do think your substitution makes sense for the memo, as everyone must be aware of the particular occurrence as well as the general situation.

Hi Richard,

I appreciate your question.

In my opinion, I am against the idea for adding those sentences(Best regards, Many thanks, etc.).

Think about it, When you conclude the letter, you mostly write it before signing off. So, my answer to your question is this compliments are never written in seperate paragraphs, but it is written seperately before signing off.

I hope you would understand what I am trying to say.

Thank You

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