Please tell when I can use them.

This is for your notice.

This is for your information.
If you are speaking about a report, then you should say "this report is for your information".

A notice is generally used to apprise or warn people; a notification or warning of something, esp. to allow preparations to be made.


PS: this is dictionary stuff, Vsuresh. I don't mind helping you out because most of your questions are very relevant to learners but you could have easily found the difference between these two words by using your dictionary and thesaurus.
What are you trying to say, vsuresh? More context is needed.

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Hi JohnParis

I'm afraid I have not been clear.

This (A report) is for your notice.

This (A report) is for your information.

Please tell me the difference.
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Thank you JohnParis. I will follow your advice.
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