In a sentence like:

"You are a horse."

Would horse be a noun, and not an adjective? Since horse is a thing.

However, it is describing "you", so, it would be an adjective?

Here is one I came across that was even more confusing, though it may be inappropriate:

(Keep in mind, just an example)

"You are a retard."

Is retard a noun?

How about if you put it as:

"You are retarded"

Now I know, retarded is an adjective.

Help? I need this cleared-up. It is confusing because the word itself is a noun, yet it is describing another noun...

It isn't something like, "He is fast!"
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Doesn't is sound a bit offensive?
Wushu: Using the word "retard" is not a good idea; its original meaning is no longer valid and has been replaced by a fairly “hateful” way of referring to those with special needs.
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I am also face same problem
If you have any solution please provide me.

Here is what I think that is true.

1. He is a man (man is noun) Question is..What is he? (man or woman ???)

2. He is a nice man (nice is adj) Question is...what kind of man? (bad, good, or nice ???)

3. You are a retarded man. (retarded is adj) (same as no.2)

4. He is a fast runner. (fast is adj) (same as no.2 and 3)

In no.2, 3 and 4

nice, retarded, and fast are referring to man and runner, so they are adjectives.

In no.1

man is just a noun without adj. It doesn't refer anything.
Okay, so am I right in this sentence:

"You are a retard"

You = Noun or subject

retard = Still a noun


"You are retarded"

You = Noun/subject

Retarded = Adjective


For the rest of you, I use "retard" as "just an example" as I noted above in my first post. Let's not get paranoid with words we choose as basic examples.
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I believe you are right.

You are retarded.... that is the way we normally say
but when we write.

You are retarded man or woman. (to make a complete sentence, it is better this way)
Sub + V + Obj

retarded man is Obj. Otherwise question will come up.. retarded what ??? you need Obj.
Hey thanks for clearing that up.

Emotion: smile
You are a retard.

In this sentence the subject = object

You are retarded.

retard is an adj modying the subject ' You '.
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