I need information about noun clauses
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Hi there!

Can you be more specific about what information you need? Then I can give you a full answer! Would you like to know linguistically ( ie for university etc) or for language learning purposes?

But here is some info to start with:

A noun clause is a type of subordinate clause, ie it cannot stand on its own and is part of a main clause. There are different types of sub clauses, if you need more information on them just post it here!

There are four different kinds of noun clause:

1 That-clause = Everyone believes that Brad Pitt is the most handsome man in the world

2 Wh-clause =What Jennifer Aniston believes is not very important

3 Infinitive clause = My plan is to marry Brad Pitt

4 Ing-clause = I am scared of losing Brad if I don't move to Hollywood.

I hope that this is enough to start with, and that the forum has helped you.
If you have any more questions, please don't hesitate to post something.

Juliette ( Shmooliette!)
i have a test tuesday and i dont know how to identify the 4 kinds of noun clauses could you show me an easy. please help i am clueless Emotion: crying
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What's the difference between noun clauses and complement clauses? which term is more accurate, noun clause or nominal clause?
Okay, relax. Let's take this slowly.

First off: "What's the difference between noun clauses and complement clauses?" ... This may sound like dumb questions, but I have to ask

1. Do you know what a noun is?
2. Do you know what a complement is?

If the answer to both of those is yes, the rest will be easy. If not, we'll take you through it.
In the sentene:"my plan is to amrry Brad Pitt.", there is no noun lause. a lause has to have a subjet and a finite verb. both are absent in the prvious sentence. how would you justify your stand?
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Isn't this correct?
I think that would be a noun phrase, not a noun clause, because the verb is in the infinitive. On the other hand "My plan is that I will marry Brad Pitt" does include a proper noun clause. (Though it suffers from being a particularly difficult plan to achieve).

Hi there
I would like to know how to use noun clauses
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