I am learning english.what is the difference between noun and verb.
How to use that when we speak,write.

It is very very difficult to understand for me.

please any one reply
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You use nouns to name people, places, and things in the world. These are used, among other things, to make the subjects of sentences. In other words, they are things you can say something about.

Nouns: table, chair, pen, paper, computer, desk, shelf, book, key, car, truck, floor, wall, lamp, finger, arm, head, cow, dog, bird, flower, mother, father, cousin, Gary, Jane, Louis, Mr. Smith, Mrs. Brown, London, France, India, China, Chicago.

You use verbs to express actions. The verbs tell something about the nouns.

Verbs: jump, run, throw, go, move, say, do, show, look, find, talk, walk, ...

You also use verbs to express states and relationships.

Verbs: have, be, contain, own, seem, ...

The dog ran. (dog is a noun. It says what you are talking about. ran is a verb. It says what the dog did.)
Henry walks. (Henry is a noun. It says who you are talking about. walks is a verb. It says what Henry does.)

I'm just curious -- doesn't your native language have nouns and verbs?
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It seems to me that all languages have nouns and verbs, but not every educational system in the world has grammar in their curriculum. Many ESL students are not exposed to concepts like the parts of speech until they learn English, because the topic was never brought up in the context of their own native language.

That makes sense -- thanks, Jim!
how can we explain that believe is a verb and belief is a noun
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AnonymousHow can we explain that 'believe' is a verb and 'belief' is a noun?
We cannot explain it. We can only observe that it is true. By accidents of history it might have turned out that 'belief' was a verb and 'believe' was a noun, but that is not what happened.

On the other hand, if you just want to show that 'belief' is a noun, you can give examples where it is used with determiners and adjectives, just as all other nouns are used. And to show that 'believe' is a verb, you can give examples where it is used with various verb inflections, like -ing and -ed, just as all other verbs are used.

plz help diffrence between noun & preposition
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