In the recent years, with the boom of new cutting-edge technology, children have a great chance to access to it during the early days of a child. Consequently, the majority of people argued that watching television and movies have a huge effect on children. From my point of view, I partially agree with this claim.

On the one hand, there are some negative influences from TV and movies to children for some main reasons. The first cause is that watching without the management of parents leads to violence in children. Children can approach violent and scary images in movies and tend to imitate them, then, this can lead to the child's later behavior. The second reason is that excessive watching can be harmful to children’s mental health. If children spend too much time on television or movies, they will have little time to take part in social activities and are more likely to suffer from psychological diseases such as autism.

On the other hand, I believe that TV and movies bring many significant benefits for children. First of all, children can gain knowledge and broaden their horizon. Television and movies are a media containing diverse and useful information, which children may have never seen before. Therefore, it does wonders for children to explore new things. Secondly, watching is a fantastic way to inspire and motivate kids to learn and develop. When kids see their favorite characters participating in fun learning games, they also want to play. Many learning programs specifically for children are very effective for generating ideas for learning activities and motivating children.

In conclusion, while I accept that there are some undeniable evidences about serious impacts of television and movies, I think that they provides children more advantages.


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