Recently, there has been a phenomenon that modern children are suffering from too much pressure due to the over insistence from parents to succeed in life. In my opinion, this development can adversely affect a child’s mental health. This essay will discuss potential reasons for the situation.

The predominant factor leading to this phenomenon is the competitive attitude among parents. It goes without saying that parents would take great pride in their offspring’s success. Therefore, they might take pleasure in boasting about how successful their children are. It seems that children’s achievements can make a contribution to parents’ social status enhancement. Consequently, parents whose offspring do not gain such resounding success might feel offended, or even envious. In the end, they will burden their children and force them to study or work as hard as they can.

Moreover, the big difference between parents’ and children’s perspectives about success can also be cited as a reason. As parents have their own definition of success, they would intentionally impose that on their children, hoping they will live up to parents’ expectations. For example, parents in many oriental nations are in the opinion that having jobs that are stable and formal like doctor, teacher, or lawyer is honorable. However, they often forget to make allowance for their children’s feelings and desires. As a result, many youngsters are subject to significant stress since they receive no support from parents to pursue their own dreams.

In conclusion, parents can inadvertently put pressure on their offspring for several reasons. And this obviously carries some negative results. Hence, developing good communication channels between youngers and adults would lead to better outcomes.


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