In today’s world, fast lifestyle has forced people to opt fast food and ready-made food more than ever. This kind of attitude however would brings positives As well as drawbacks for consumers of such foods.

Needless to say in such modern age where people are spending most of their time at work or chasing their goals, they would not have enough time to prepare food at home in daily basis. As a result, eating outside or particularly Ready-made foods has increased in popularity among developing and well developed countries. Individuals and families have access to a wide range of food ranging from local to international one.

Regarding the advantages of ready-made foods there are a couple of important reasons which worth to mention. The first and obvious reason is the time-saving of this phenomenon. Foods will be ready with only one call for those people who do not have free time to cook at home. In simple words, People are now prefer to spend their time on personal activities rather than wasting it on cooking meals in home.

Another benefit associating with ready-made food is that in recent decades The tendency of experiencing variety of food among people has increased And the image behind food industry is changed as providing meal in daily basis for people to introducing New type of foods for those who seek for new experience. With this in mind people are able to enjoy international food from far east like Japan to Western cuisines.

Having said that, There are noticeable disadvantages drives from consumption of fast food. First drawbacks which comes to mind is the Health related issues around this sort of foods. For instance, high blood pressure and obesity are two primarily reasons, Not to mention heart diseases which is increasing significantly among youngsters as a result of popularity in consumption of convenience foods. Having said that, The high price of fast-food is another negative point. Ready-made foods are usually cost a lot. So individuals are forced to spend large number of their income on foods which prevent them to save money in long run.

All things considered, In such modern age people are forced to work hard in stretched hours to make suitable life and as a result there would be no free time for them to cook and enjoy a home-made food. Thereby, The popularity of ready-made food is increased more people from all over the globe. Thus, The extensive usage of this sort of food might result health diseases. People need to pay attention to their eating habit and consider benefits and drawbacks of Ready-made food.


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