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Nuclear weapons do not produce any peaceful energy. Still they can't be banned because they were produced as a kind of domination force. And the USA will never agree to ban them.

In such case other countries will have to preserve their weapons and a mean of restriction of the American agressive manner of international behaviour. Unfortunately this is the case.

As for me I would like to see the world without nuclear weapons.
The best way to make world be peaceful is US starts to abandon or reduce her nuclear weapon first. Because she has the largest amount of nuclear weapon in the world.

I wonder if she has obsessive-compulsive disorder or not. A super-power country with strongest military weapon ban other people develop defensive power while her super power has malice aggressive. Therefore, her reducing in military expense can have a leading function to the way of peace.
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I think nuclear weapon for countries like US, ,… is necessary for preventing a World War. Because neither side, don’t like to be destroyed completely, so they don’t pull the trigger. In this case you have to talk if you want to be alive! So blessing in disguise, peace with force…

But nuclear weapons for countries like is so dangerous than any one could even think. Because the country haven’t stable and democratic government, if a uprising starts, and government give up the control, and terrorists access to the weapons… no one can predict the future, even one minute later

Nuclear weapon for country like is so dirty play[6]. The government uses it for scaring both their own people and international governments just for continuing his life. They want tribute for not to attacking you, and you have to tribute them, what you can do?

So destroying nuclear weapons can’t be a good idea, but preventing it’s grow is necessary for life!